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Besides the huge benefit of not having to cope with wet carpet there are numerous other benefits of dry carpet cleaning. Perhaps most important is the avoidance of over wetting. Over wetting can Promote bacterial growth, mildew, mold, and also can weaken the carpet backing. Carpet is glued together with a Latex adhesive, which over time will disintegrate when exposed to water, especially hot water. Excessive moisture can activate odors that have been dormant. Also, spots will not reappear after dry extraction because there is no risk of “wicking”. When water is sprayed into the carpet under great pressure, gravity pulls it and the loosened soil to the bottom of the carpet. As this wet soil begins to evaporate, the carpet fibers serve as a wick and the wet soil begins to migrate back to the surface of the carpet causing the spots to reappear. Reappearing spots do not occur when the moisture is controlled with the Greenworks Dry carpet cleaning system.The cleaning compound is moistened with water, detergent, and a little safe solvent. It leaves no dirt-attracting residue, so the carpet actually remains cleaner for a longer period of time.


Cleaning carpet regularly with the dry extraction carpet cleaning will improve the indoor air quality of your home or facility. Several years of ongoing research show that just one cleaning with the dry extraction system removes dust mites by 78% and mold spores by 85%. The product is environmentally friendly, natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable. This system has been in use worldwide for over 20 years and has been tested and proven safe for all carpet. The leading consumer testing magazine has rated the Dry Extraction method systems as the #1 carpet cleaning product and virtually every carpet manufacturer in America approves of and recommends dry extraction cleaning system.
From several years on the job experience, I highly recommend it for the safety of our family and yours. I have used this system to clean large hotels, medical facilities offices as well as commercial facilities and residential homes. It does a superb job in all deep cleaning circumstances and does and outstanding job of spot and stain removal.

Clean, Dry & Healthy Carpet Cleaning.carpet cleaning services

If spots, spills, pets or dirty, matted traffic paths have made your carpet less attractive, it’s time to call Greenworks Dry Carpet Cleaning, for “Cleaner, Drier, Greener, Healthier” carpet cleaning.  Our exclusive 6-step process will leave your carpets thoroughly clean, immediately dry and ready to use. Our Greenworks Dry Carpet Cleaning all-inclusive carpet cleaning service comes with no up charges, no hidden add-on’s and no surprises.  Call Greenworks Dry Carpet Cleaning   today and you’ll be loving your carpets again as early as tomorrow… Greenworks  Guaranties It! Proudly serving Lynnwood, Seattle and all of the surrounding areas.

Dry Carpet Cleaning in Lynnwood has arrived.

First, Greenworks  Dry Carpet Cleaning  will power vacuum your carpets, lift the pile and dry extract all loose soil, dust and allergens.  We’ll then apply a low moisture pre-treatment to emulsify any remaining spots or stains.  Micro Sponges are then applied and brushed through the carpet cleaning from the bottom up with special equipment using soft counter rotating brushes. The Greenworks Dry Carpet Cleaner dissolves, absorbs and traps soil, spots, stains and odors as it cleans. Just as a sponge in your kitchen holds onto dirt, the Dry Compound also traps the soil, spots and stains extracted from your carpet. With a flip of a switch, the micro sponges are then vacuumed up. Your carpet will clean, dry and ready to use and enjoy right away With Greenworks  Dry Carpet Cleaning.

Dry Cleaning VS Wet Carpet Cleaning

According to industry estimates, there are about 200,000,000,000 square feet of carpet in the United States. Cleaning

all of this carpet just once with a Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System would save 9,770,000,000 gallons of water!

That’s enough water to:

Fill 195,000,000 standard bathtubs
Flush a 1.6 gallon toilet more than 6,000,000,000 times
Sustain over 53 million people for one year or over 670,000 people for their lifetimes
This point is often overlooked, wet extractors or steam cleaners use large amounts of water. Further, they generate large amounts of chemical laden waste water which burdens sewers and our water treatment Plants.
Also, 20-35% of waste water that is left in the carpet evaporates; humidifying buildings and forcing air conditioners and dehumidifiers to run harder and longer.
Using Dry Extraction Compound Cleaner saves water. In fact, the Greenworks Dry Carpet Cleaning System we use deep cleans carpet with 97% less water than typical high-flow wet truck mounted extractors! That’s Saving Water!

The Many Problems With Hot Water Extraction or “Steam” Carpet Cleaning…

Traditional steam cleaning or hot water extraction often forces dirt to the bottom of your carpet by spraying pressurized water down in to the carpet while attempting to clean it. This process may turn your dry dirt into mud, and may soon begin to smell like mildew, wet pets or worse. Then only 80% of this dirty water is then vacuumed out of the carpet and carpet pad, using the customers padding as a filter. Pollen, dirt, debris and allergens are locked inside your padding forever trapping it under your carpet. This creates the perfect breeding ground for mold, bacteria and dust mites. To compound this problem, within a day or two, the sludge mixture dries and through capillary action, the dissolved spots wick their way back to the surface of your carpet. And voila… the spots reappear! This is not the way we believe your valuable carpets should be cleaned at Greenworks  Dry Carpet Cleaning.

Our Process & Carpet Cleaning Products Are “Top Rated”

In a test of in-home carpet cleaners reported by America’s Leading Consumer magazine, our process was the only carpet cleaning system that achieved an “excellent” rating . Now consider cleaning your carpet the green and dry choice with Greenworks Dry Carpet Cleaning:

No wet carpet

  • Environmentally preferred
  • Spots won’t come back
  • Carpet stays cleaner longer
  • Lifts matted carpet pile
  • Removes dust mites, mold and other allergens
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Safe for all carpets, even Orientals and sisal
  • Reduces Dust Mites by 78%
  • Reduces Cat Allergens by 85%
  • Reduces Dust Mite Allergens by 75%
  • Reduces Mold Spores by 85%
  • There is no mold or mildew created from wet carpets
  • Using the Strong Dry Carpet System of applying DryZone Carpet Cleaner into the carpet, brushing it through the carpet and then vacuuming up the Strong Dry Carpet Cleaner removes dirt and reduces allergens.
  • Research studies have shown that one cleaning with a dry carpet cleaning process reduces: Dust mites by up to 78%, Dust Mite Allergen by up to 75%, Cat Allergen by up to 85%, Mold Spores by up to 85%.

The choice should be clear: Drier carpets are better than wet carpets!
Safe & Healthy Carpet Cleaning

The products Greenworks Dry Carpet Cleaning use to clean your carpets are all natural, nontoxic, biodegradable and safe for people, pets and the environment. They are also safe for use on all types of carpets and rugs, including natural fibers like wool, sisal and jute.

  • Wool-Safe Approved
  • USDA Bio Preferred Certified
  • Green Seal Certified
  • Our “Clean Carpet” Guarantee

We offer a 100% Clean Carpet guarantee. If you are not thrilled with the service experience you receive from us, we will return at no charge and no obligation and re-clean any area you feel needs additional attention. It’s our 30-day, 100% Clean Carpet Guarantee.