Organic, Earth Friendly, Safe, and All-Natural Microscopic Sponges – for Carpet Cleaning?

The headline is correct!  We use microscopic sponges to clean your carpets.  The Greenworks Dry Carpet Cleaning method of carpet cleaning is called dry extraction.  The primary detergent used in this process is housed inside an all-natural cellulous product which is actually derived from corn husks.  It’s an Earth friendly, environmentally safe, natural product that works in the same way as an ordinary kitchen sponge. This sponge like cellulose is used to scrub and clean soil from your carpet fibers in the same way as you would use a sponge to wipe up a kitchen spill or clean your car.

A Little More about our Carpet Cleaning Process

The Greenworks process is quite simple.  First, we gently moisten your carpet fibers with a very light mist of an all-natural, kid and pet safe detergent.  We then lightly apply our cellulose material (sponges) and agitate them through your carpet using specialized cleaning equipment called a CRB (counter rotating brush) machine.  The soft, organic, natural cellulose sponges carry all the necessary natural detergent to the soiled areas and begin to dissolve and absorb the dirt, grease, and grime while being agitated through the rug.  Once the agitating process is complete, we extract the cellulose sponges from your carpet taking all of the soils with them.  When finished, the freshly cleaned carpet is almost completely dry and ready to use immediately.

Some of the DRY benefits

Our cleaning process doesn’t leave a sticky residue that often leads to rapid re-soiling. And returning stains from wick-back are almost an impossibility because we do not over-moisten your rugs.  A trace of these cellulose sponges may remain in the carpet after vacuuming, but it is not abrasive or harmful.  They will be removed with subsequent vacuum cleaning.