How often should you hire a professional carpet cleaner?

Most experts recommend that under normal circumstances carpets should be professionally cleaned by a qualified carpet technician every 12 to 18 months.  Now this may be a good rule of thumb, but I wouldn’t call it gospel.  One should keep in mind that this recommendation is based only on averages and each and every situation will vary from home to home.  For instance, carpets in homes with pets, numerous occupants, sensitive or allergic persons, or carpets that see heavy traffic could potentially need cleaning as often as every 3-6 months. Whereas lightly used carpets in low traffic homes may only need a good professional cleaning every other year or so.

To simplify things I tend to look at professionally cleaning as a preventative maintenance measure much like regularly changing the oil in your car. A responsible car owner wouldn’t necessarily wait until their vehicle’s oil is completely used up, dirty, and black before they change it.  Doing such a thing will cause excessive wear and tear on the car’s engine which could very likely lead to unnecessary repairs and reduce the vehicles expected longevity.  Carpet care and maintenance should be viewed in much the same way.  Waiting too long before cleaning will allow excessive buildup of soils which will continually grind deeper into the carpet fibers making them harder to effectively clean and ultimately reducing your carpet’s life span.

All that said – If you want to keep your manufactures warranty intact you must follow your carpet’s required maintenance, care, and cleaning guidelines. Not doing so could likely void your warranty contract. Read your warranty! And follow the carpet maintenance suggestions to the letter. Doing so will ensure that your carpet stays looking and feeling great, and lasts as long as possible.

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