Dry Extraction Advantages

Today we’re going to take a look at the benefits of a carpet cleaning method called dry extraction carpet cleaning.  It has many advantages over traditional carpet cleaning methods that many of the other cleaners use.  At Greenworks we use as little as 3 gallons of water in a typical job. This allows for a faster dry time, cleaner carpets, and happier customers.

No Wet Carpets – When using the Greenworks Carpet Cleaning Method

Without question the single largest advantage of using our dry extraction method is the fast dry time. With most traditional carpet cleaning methods it can take several days for your carpet and pad to be completely dry.  In comparison the Greenworks dry extraction method will leave your carpet sock dry before we leave.  And in many cases, depending on the amounts of soil in your carpet, it will be dry instantly.  In a typical home we will only use about 2 gallons of water where as a traditional steam cleaner will use upwards of 90.

Cleaner Carpets with Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Another advantage of dry extraction cleaning is the superior debris removal.  Unlike steam cleaning we do not push the debris further down into your pad.  With our high tech and innovated machines we pull all the debris that in your carpet out during our process.  In the end this ensures a cleaner, healthier carpet.

no wet carpets using Greenworks Dry Carpet Cleaning

When You Go Dry – Carpet Spots and Stains Stay Gone

And now on to spot removal.  Steam cleaning does a good job getting spots out, but often times they return days or weeks after the carpet cleaner leaves.  The reason that spots return is because of wick-back.  With traditional wet carpet cleaning your carpet dries from the bottom up.  Then your carpet fibers can act as a wick pulling up the dirty water left behind by the carpet cleaner. Once this happens you have created a bigger problem than you had even before you had your carpets cleaned.  With Greenworks Dry Carpet Cleaning our dry extraction process eliminates this problem. Since your carpets are dry when we leave it is not possible for stains to return because dry soils cannot travel up dry carpet. Because of this every stain we get out is guaranteed not to return. If for any reason a stain returns we return free of charge to remove it.  100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Greenworks carpet cleaning method also has an advantage when it comes to the elimination of odors and bacteria. With our dry extraction process we use natural organic enzymes which eat away at the bacteria that cause odors, mildew, and molds.  These same enzymes also help to eliminate dust mites and other allergens. So after our cleaning you will not have the added problems of allergy issues.  Steam cleaning on the other hand can create an environment in which bacteria and harmful allergens thrive by leaving your home’s carpets soaking wet. Remember – Damp moist environments lead to the spread of bacteria.